Miracle Treat Day


Thank you Fans!

Our Fans are amazing.  On Thursday, August 2nd, for every Blizzard® Treat sold, $1 or more was donated by participating DQ® stores to local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. This would not have been possible without you, our loyal DQ Fans.  Thank you for making 2018 our most successful year yet!

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Stories

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide care to over 10 million children each year.  Regardless of why the kids are there, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals always have their doors open, and DQ franchisees are helping them stay that way.  Click on the images to learn more about just a few of the kids helped by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the local DQ franchisees who make sure Miracle Treat Day is the most meaningful fun you’ll have all summer. 

Find a story about a child in your community benefiting from these services.


Meet DeLon Mork 
Madison, S.D.

Delon Mork is a second generation DQ Operator.  His restaurant has been in his family for more than 50 years.   In his small town of Madison, SD (Population: 7,500), his restaurant has become somewhat of a destination, especially on Miracle Treat Day.  DeLon has been participating in Miracle Treat Day since the beginning, and each year he and his crew do things bigger and better than the year before. In fact, he typically sells over 50,000 Blizzard® Treats and Blizzard Treat coupons for Miracle Treat Day. Because of the work he and his crew do every year on Miracle Treat Day, Mork was able to sponsor the building of a teen center/library within Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, S.D.  Over the past 10 years, DeLon’s store has single handedly raised more than $550,000 for Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. 
“The people of Madison and the surrounding area have been so supportive of our efforts during Miracle Treat Day. It truly has become a labor of love for us to be able to give something back to the people whose needs are so great and whose stories of courage are so inspiring.” DeLon Mork

JaKiah Collins                         

Wilms Tumor
Starting preschool can be overwhelming for some 4-year-olds. For JaKiah, the hardest part was saying goodbye to her classmates when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer a month into the school year.

During her pre-kindergarten checkup, JaKiah's primary care physician noticed swelling in her abdomen. They initially believed it was a minor infection, but soon discovered it was an advanced stage of Wilms tumor. While her school friends learned the alphabet, JaKiah underwent months of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

Now JaKiah is entering year five of being cancer free, a major milestone. She is full of sass and loves to be around her friends. She will continue enduring numerous ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays, blood work and check-ups until 2023 to ensure she remains cancer free.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals funds helped pay for the new 258,000-square-foot wing that houses the hematology/oncology clinic where JaKiah was treated and the healing garden where she spent days recovering at the children's hospital

Nathan Ferrel

Mitochondrial Disease

"Lively" and "energetic" are common descriptors of any young boy. But Nathan's spirited demeanor comes from deep within and with help from his hospital, as he was born with a condition that depletes vital energy levels.

Just a few weeks before his first birthday, Nathan was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, a degenerative disorder that attacks the mitochondria — the source that creates enough energy for the body's systems to sustain function and support growth. Nathan's nine specialists ensure he stays on track with oxygen supplementation, daily medication and the placement of a gastric stimulator in his stomach.

While his body may not always have the proper energy, Nate's fun-loving personality stands in stark contrast to his disease. He wants to be a comedian or late-night talk show host when he grows up. Or, if that doesn't work out, one of the drivers at the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals donations helped open the pediatric emergency department, and fully fund child life services and the Arts in Medicine program — all of which support Nathan's livelihood.

Meet David Gillespie, Jr.
Jefferson, GA

In Jefferson, GA, Miracle Treat Day turns into a competitive, yet sweetly successful event each year.  DQ® franchisee David Gillespie has been bolstering his traffic and donations to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 5 years through the coordination of an annual Blizzard® Treat eating contest!
The contest pits local police officers against their firefighter counterparts, invites sports teams from the area’s two high schools, and even invites students to compete against faculty!  The idea is simple, teams of four compete in relay races to see which side can finish their Blizzard Treats first!
The Jefferson DQ location donates 100% of their Miracle Treat Day proceeds to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and set a new store record in 2017 by raising nearly $14,000 for local kids!
Thanks to franchisees like David Gillespie, Miracle Treat Day raises millions for local kids across the U.S. each year!
“When it comes to helping kids, the community really comes together.  That’s what makes this contest really work.  Everyone feels good helping such an awesome cause!” David Gillespie, Jr.

DQ and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals: Putting Money Where the Miracles Are

Since 1984, DQ and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have partnered to provide life-saving treatments to kids from across the U.S. and Canada. To date, more than $135 million has been raised through donations from DQ Fans and franchisees, all of which stays local to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

About Miracle Treat Day

For more than 10 years, the DQ system has celebrated Miracle Treat Day. Thanks to the generosity of local DQ stores and our Fans, over $2 million was donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the United States. These donations help provide support for over 32 million patient visits each year to local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Find out why children's hospitals need community support, identify your local hospital and learn how you can Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are at:CMNHospitals.org and facebook.com/CMNHospitals.

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*Miracle Treat Day in Canada was held on Thursday, August 9th